tom jones

Tom Jones  79 Liam Neeson  67 Dave Navarro  52 Allen Iverson  44 Masika Kalysha  34 Iggy Azalea  29 Fetty Wap  28 We remember… Prince

Tom Jones 77 Liam Neeson 65 L.A. Reid 61 Mike Pence 58 Kym Whitley 56 Dave Navarro 50 Allen Iverson 42 Anna Kournikova 36 Michael Cera 29 Iggy Azalea 27 Fetty Wap 26 We remember… Prince

How convenient! We wonder why he didn't want to get his DNA tested at the height of his career?

PRINCE (56)  Happy 56th birthday to the legendary, extraordinary, singer/songwriter/producer/multi-instrumentalist and maverick known as Prince.  Although we like “press and curl” Prince better than “afro…