Okay so, first question:  “Why are Madonna and Ariana Grande twerking?” Second question:  “Is that ALL you, Madonna?” Nah…she bought that. *cues Bubba Sparkxxx* Who knew Bubba Sparkxxx was a prophet?  

Malia Obama was caught on video dancing with her friends at a festival and the world lost their minds over it today. When we were eighteen we probably did much worse. Tonight you guys shared with me crazy things that you did as a teen that your parents still don’t know anything about: Got drunk […]

Aside from tennis, Serena Williams has perfected the art of twerking and, subsequently, stopping time.

One of the two women involved in a sexual assault incident at a Washington, D.C. gas station has been arrested, NBC Washington reports. Ayanna Marie…

Careful where you twerk!  Two DC women face third degree sexual abuse charges after twerking on a stranger at a gas station without his consent.  Surveillance video shows the women groping the guy and even grabbing at his crotch area.  One of the women has been arrested already.  

Two women are wanted by police after being caught on camera twerking on a man inside a Washington D.C. convenience store.

Southhampton, Long Island assistant principal Esther Adler-O’Keefe says she had no idea the content of a the Trey Songz video she appears in. But it…

Video model Vida Guerra recently posted a video of her twerking in a thong in front of the Xmas tree. Vida looks great, but many of the comments were focused on her being over 40 and twerking for the world to see. Many of her fans said that it was TOO MUCH!  Click here for […]

Social media was on overload this week! Some stories were playing out by the minute and you can’t forget all the viral videos, comedy and memes that seem to never end. Sentence Completion: I am sooooo tired of seeing people post about ___________ on social media. Pretty Face Challenge Fights Food on Paper Plates Twerking Naked […]