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Video model Vida Guerra recently posted a video of her twerking in a thong in front of the Xmas tree. Vida looks great, but many of the comments were focused on her being over 40 and twerking for the world to see. Many of her fans said that it was TOO MUCH! 

Click here for the video

Tell me  … What should you not do over 40?

  • Fighting over a man
  • Caring what people think!
  • Lose Sleep on a Bad Relationship
  • Have a Baby
  • Decide to be a Stripper
  • Have Your Pants Sag
  • Ask Your Parents for Money
  • Trying to Have a Rap Career
  • Live with Your Parents
  • Have Someone Else Paying Your Cell Bill
  • Stalk or Be Obsessed with an Old Lover
  • Put Out Sex Tapes
  • Wearing your teen daughters outfits and trying to upstage them.
  • Fornicating
  • Use the Term Baby Daddy/ Baby Momma
  • Trying to be a player



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