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Starting from an ideal from Magic 95.9 Promotions Director Assistant Tia Johnson, listeners were encouraged to come to the Radio One building and join in on a “Soul Train” line outside of the offices. Like in traditional Soul Train fashion the males stood on one side and the females the other. The couples came down the line showcasing their best moves. Breaking out into to booty bumps, the snake and one participant even did the worm all the way down the line. The parking lot ended up turning into full blown block party with news channels helicopters hovering over the parking lot to capture the historical moment. It was a celebration and we were there to honor the memory of the man who made the “Soul Train Line” a staple in African American culture.

Don Cornelius the love, peace and soul pioneer created the live dance show to showcase black music that mainstream television would not broadcast. “Soul Train” hit the airwaves in 1970 and stopped production in 2006 making Soul Train the longest syndicated show in television history. The idea was simple but groundbreaking,” Create a live showcase for black music, modeled on American Bandstand”, Cornelius said.   Wednesday February 1, 2012 the Don Cornelius 75 was found by a family member in his home in Encino with a gunshot wound to his head, according to law enforcement sources. The wound appeared to be self-inflicted, but the death was being investigated by police. Friends say he had been in poor health and that he will be truly missed.

 Feel free to comment on your memories of “Soul Train” and take a look at the picture of the Magic 95.9 Soul Train Line.