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On the last episode of “Love & Hip Hop,” Teairra Mari coaxed girlfriend Emily B, into going on a “social date” with her and some colleagues. Unbeknownst to Emily, she was really being thrown into a blind date with Jeris Higgins.

The 28 year-old, Video Editor admits that he is looking for a woman with a New York swag with a southern lady’s hospitality. Some may feel that Jeris was “played” by Emily B. but he sees it as loyalty and respects Em for being  a down chick!

“She was really giving me a hard time, I was just trying to converse a little,” says the bachelor  before acknowledging her “cake.”

Just like Emily, Jeris seeks the love from a counterpart which he hasn’t found yet.

Traits you look for in a woman:

I love to laugh, so a sense of humor. You have to be able to laugh with me. I love long hair, not that I don’t like short hair. Any skin color is fine with me. Family orientated, I’m from the south so that is very important to me. How she gets along with her mother is a big thing. If you don’t get a long with your mother that tells me a lot. If  you’re cute, funny and love your family then we can date!

What will you bring to a relationship?

I’m offering 100 percent truthfulness. You never have to worry about the next chick, cause if there is one I will tell you.

I bring confidence to that person. I love building a woman up, that’s what a relationship is about. I want her to learn stuff from me. I also bring my southern hospitality. They say chivalry is dead but I open doors… I make you feel like a lady!

Your occupation?

I’m known as Jeris from “Love & Hip Hop” now, I need people to know that I’ve been in this business for 10 years–editing and directing. I’m out here really doing my thing. Ironically one of the first videos I worked on as a Production Assistant, nine years ago was Fabolous’ first video. The one on the train…his first video was my first video.

The perfect date:

If money was no issue…we would wake up, go go-Kart racing, or something crazy like sky-diving. I would take you and have drinks and ask you one thing you would love to do, because it’s all about having fun. I’d ask what she wants, or what she hasn’t done and that’s what we are going to do!

Other Specs:

Jeris has no children and wants to be married before he has any! Hit him up ladies…

Follow Jeris on Twitter @JayMegga

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