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Leolah Brown (Bobby Brown) sister is saying a mouthful about Whitney Houston. She and her sons went on the Dr. Drew show and spoke on everything from Ray J. being Whitney’s drug runner to Bobbi Kristina relationship with Nick.

Whitney Houston’s official cause of death was deemed an accidental drowning, but the report also notes the singer suffered from heart disease and had cocaine and prescription drugs present in her system.

Brown claims that it was Ray J that provided Houston with the cocaine before she died. She claims that she saw Ray J leaving Houston’s hotel room in a hurry on the night of her death.  Brown says’ “When I first seen this and I saw the news I saw Ray J coming out of the hotel hiding his head being pushed into the car. I looked and I said why is he hiding? Why is he hiding his face? He’s always trying to show his face when he’s around Whitney. Why now? Why are you trying to hide now Ray J? I put it all together; when I first heard she passed away I said, “My God, somebody gave her a bad bag.” [Cocaine?] Yes, that was the first thing that came out of my mouth and then I saw Ray J and it all added up. So I am going to believe that Ray J who Whitney told me she had no relationship with. Now this is a young boy who’s running around telling people that he is a boyfriend of  Whitney’s. I know clearly that he wasn’t. He was like she said, a runner boy. For some reason, he knows somebody that sells drugs and he was buying them for Whitney for what I know and giving her drugs.

Ray J’ has denied involvement and says he was in San Diego at the time of  Whitney’s death.  

She also spoke on how Pat Houston came into the picture and how she got so close with Whitney. Saying, “I really don’t know. I’m hearing from family members that she was somebody that was I guess a fan of Whitney’s and she was a singer. She was looking for a record deal or something and she was trying to sing. I don’t know if she had a group or she was solo but I guess she was introduced toGaryin some way that he could help her with her career or something. This is what I heard and she came in and manipulated Gary and his wife because he was married to Monique. From what I heard it was like a lot of sneaky stuff going on with her.

Then her son Jairam spoke on Nick (Bobbi Kris) boyfriend saying that he came in as a brother, you know, but I guess now it ended up he’s trying to be a boyfriend. Which I feel like, he doesn’t have trued feeling for Krissy. I think he’s up to something. I think most of the people around Krissy are up to something.

To read and see more of the in-depth conversation that Leola Brown had with Dr. click the link. Leola goes on to shed light on Houston’s relationships, her career, and daughter Bobbi Kristina.