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I can remember sitting in the cafeteria in the tenth grade, and we had a Dj who played records on Friday during lunch. He put on a record and most everyone went wild. I had never heard that record before. Many knew the lyrics already. It was the late 60’s and the record was “I want You Back” by The Jackson 5.

Those of us who came along as the Jackson 5 built their legacy have a special connection to the group. We all had a front row seat as Jermaine married Berry Gordy’s Daughter, Hazel. We held our breath as the brothers decided to leave Motown and Jermaine remained behind to show loyalty to his Father in law.

Then, the folks who finaly signed on to the the Michael Jackson craze when Thriller came out made us long time fans smile. We had been aware of MJ since the 60’s. Thriller came out in the mid-eighties. Where ya been ?

That horrible afternoon three years ago. The reports, He’s sick. He’s in the hospital. Is is dead ? It couldn’t be. That cute kid from Gary, Indiana. How could he be dead ? But he was. He’s always been a part of my musical landscape. I’m still getting use to thinking of him as gone.

He left us a lot of music to listen to. So enjoy listening to the music we will play this weekend.

We miss you MJ