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Willow Smith has been making headlines before she starting whipping her hair back and forth. Before anything, Willow is Hollywood royalty. As the daughter of Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith, the Smith sweetheart’s pedigree set her up for superstardom. Although it was her own talents that pushed her into the spotlight that was already set up for her.

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Now we watch closely as she shaves her head, dyes what’s left green, falsely pierce her tongue and lives a life of privilege that we could only imagine. We’re left wondering if Willow is a poster child for all things unique or is she a child rebel that’s crying out for attention?

The song digs deep into a child’s mind when they are coming of age. Willow is unique. Point, blank period. It’s refreshing to see and hear a child be herself with reckless abandon. However, Will and Jada receive heavy criticisms for allowing their 11-year-old Willow to do as she pleases at such a young age.

However, Willow isn’t doing anything detrimental to her health or well-being. If anything, she’s singing to kids her age, letting them know that being them is ok. Bullying is real out here in these streets and if kids are seeking suicide as an out, there’s a problem here. If Willow wants to come out with a song that tells kids to be themselves without apology, then by all means…let her do it!

Peep Willow’s latest video, “I Am Me” Below:


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