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We wanted to simply promote beyond African borders designers who are well-known in Africa or in their country but who don’t have access to the global market,” Adama Ndiaye said, explaining that in Africa fashion was not yet seen as an industry in its own right.

Adama Ndiaye launched the event to showcase the best the continent has to offer but dismissed criticism that it excluded others who were not black. Ndiaye is a Senegalese-born French fashion designer, she staged the first ‘Black Fashion Week’ in Paris aimed at bringing African talent to a global audience.

For the models, the majority of them black, it’s also an occasion to get on the catwalk since most of the shows look for more expensive white models.

Ultra-feminine styles showcased came in a variety of cuts with elements such as puff sleeves and backless dresses. Fabrics ranged from silk and satin to embroidered cotton.

Around 15 black designers from Africa or living in France, Haiti or the United States, presented their collections at the chic Pavillon Cambon Capucines in Paris.


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