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Karrine Steffans On Lil Wayne: “He Never Leaves Me”

Karrine Steffans wants you to know exactly how she feels about Lil Wayne. The former video vixen posted her thoughts on her unconditional love for the rapper on her Karrine and Co blog.

People always ask me why I don’t just leave him. He’ll never be with me.

I’d never be with him. I’m married. He’s everywhere.

He said this about me in that song and this song. Why am I still here?

Because no matter what we’ve done, no matter where we’ve been, no matter where we’ll end up, we are connected by one thing and one thing only.

Unconditional love.

I depend on that love when someone breaks my heart. It is to him I run. And I know he depends on me and, when he does, I am there.

Never a question, never a denial.

I don’t care where he’s been and he cares nothing of where I was the second before I fall into his arms. I don’t share in his world and he doesn’t participate in mine. We create our own where only we live, love, and know.

And when I am broken into a million f**king pieces, it is he who makes me whole, who picks me up from the floor and reminds me he provides a greater love than that of any other man.

He never leaves me.

He never leaves me.

So, the world doesn’t have to understand as long as I understand and he knows that there are no amount of miles, no amount of arguments, lovers, or lies that could make me turn my back on him or force him to walk away from me.

It’s not easy.

It’s not perfect.

It just is.

Well there you have it ladies, Karrine will always  be a part of whoever Weezy gets involved with.

Spotted at Rhymes With Snitch

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