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In a recent interview with Madame Noire Iylana Vanzant made some shocking comments about Black Women. In a video that has gone viral Iylana said that black women were out of order and here why:

  • Many of us don’t know what it means to be a woman because our mothers didn’t know; and they didn’t know because their grandmothers didn’t know, and so on.
  •  Black women allow men and other people to treat them in ways that render them “mentally, emotionally, and spiritually sick.
  • Black women need to accept responsibility for the fact that, by having children out of wedlock with men who are not ready to be fathers and partners, they are perpetuating a vicious cycle.
  • Sisterhood’ is dead,  These chicks will jump over their mama to get to a man.

Lastly Iylana finish up her comments about black women by saying, “I don’t even bother with having ‘friendships’ with black chicks anymore. Too much emotional drama. I don’t have time.”

I was super shocked that these comments came from Iylana, I thought she was much smarter than that and to lump all black women under this umbrella is hurtful.

Anyways below is the full video of her interview. Let us know how you feel about these comments in the comment section.



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