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The newest addition toHollywood Exes , Shamicka Lawrence (Martin Lawrence ex-wife), is speaking out regarding her autoimmune disease/Lupus and the importance of going Gluten free.

She told CocoaFab:

“I ate clean even before I was diagnosed. My body was always off and I used to think I had IBS because my stomach was always bothering me but it was actually celiacs,” she says. Like many women, her health issues went undiagnosed for years. “It was since I was a little girl, I was always having stomach issues. My family couldn’t afford to get that medical care and no one knew about that back in the day.”

Now, it’s crucial that women become their own health advocates and push for answers when something feels “off.”

“People don’t realize that if you have sensitivities to gluten it’s one thing, but if you have an autoimmune issue and you have a sensitivity to gluten or celiac, the thing is that it causes inflammation more than people realize. I think what is hard is that a lot of people don’t pay attention to their bodies. If you just take a minute and take everything out of your diet and start adding things back in little by little, it really helps.”

“It’s a blessing that we’re now able to be tested for things. As long as we pay attention, we’re good. I believe the food and the natural things on this earth is what God gave us to heal ourselves and take care of our bodies.”

Now, she’s sharing her health secrets with the world and is on a mission to educate others on getting healthy through their diets.

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