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The Morning Conversation played off of Dwayne Wade’s admission on Monday that he fathered a 5 month old with another woman on a break from Gabrielle Union.

Could you move past an outside baby and continue the relationship?

  • Love makes you do and sometimes tolerate crazy things.
  • Nope. That’s a reminder of him cheating
  • if it was the other way around,  I seriously doubt that he would be with her carrying another guys child. She would be every ho in the world. The double standard.
  • Nope! The baby would be a constant reminder and I wouldn’t want an innocent child to be the object of my animosity
  • Why not? That is between them and he is already raising 2 sons and a nephew so she is sharing him regardless. if they were on a legitimate break –there is no cheating if there is no couple to break up and a relationship to cheat on.
  • Hell no, but if their the same caliber of Dwayne Wade I might consider it…
  • I’m a stepmom of two kids too. But, if my husband steps out and fathers another child, I’m done. I respect her commitment to her relationship; but I couldn’t do it.



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