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The new year just started and I bet I know what your New Year resolution is, getting fit. That is everyone’s favorite for about a week and then its back to reality. But if you do continue with this resolution there are  things you should consider. Let “The D.L. Hughley Show” help you with the ten things you should know if your New Year resolution is to get fit.

Part 1.

Part 2.

DL:  All right, Jazmine, lay it on me; the ten things you must know if you’ve made a new year’s resolution to get fit.

10. You are going to hurt.

      JS:  A lot of people don’t think about that, but when you start lifting weights or moving in ways that you never moved before, it’s gonna hurt.

9. You must take rest days.

     DL:  Steve takes like a rest day, I’m gonna rest, I’m gonna work out every two weeks.

8. Sleep is not for the weak.

  DL:  Yeah, I sleep on the treadmill.  

7. Don’t compare yourselves to others.

     JS:Now, women, we are very guilty of this.  We go to the gym and we look around at all of the other chicks in their little outfits and we get, you know, upset and disappointed.  Don’t.  Set your own goals and stick to them.

6.Do not hesitate to ask question

  SW:  When is class over?

DL:  All right, Jazmine, we’re down to the last five things you must know if you made a new year’s resolution to get fit.  Lay ‘em on me, woman.

5. You’re gonna want to eat enough to feed a family of four.

     JS: So don’t be surprised by the amount of food that you eat.  

4. You probably won’t need that sports drink.

   JS:  A lot of people think that sports drinks are great for you, but they’re not, they’re full of sugar.

3. You might not lose body weight.

     DL: (Laugh) That would be Steve.

2. Your laundry pile might suddenly feel daunting because you’ll be washing loads and loads and loads of clothes because of all your dirty clothes from the gym.

    SW:  Oh, yeah.  That’s true.

1.Takes time.

   JS:  So don’t expect to drop 30 or 40 pounds in one month.  It ain’t gonna happen.

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