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We woke up to the announcement that financing for the rehab of the Harbor has been approved.  Being a City resident and loving it; I could not help but wonder if the money could be better spent somewhere else. The Morning Conversation question:

Do you think a new Harbor is the best investment that the City can make with its money?

  • Let’s put the money into these dilapidated houses that are an eye sore. Take them from these monopoly players. Help the people rehab so they learn a skill and earn a home in one move.
  • Every time our city is granted “x” amount of money it’s to attract people to come visit. Why not think about the people that live here. Maybe it’s just me but try catering to the needs of the people here first.
  • I have no problem developing areas of the city which draw more dollars into Baltimore. My issue is the lack of culturally diverse businesses in this newly developed area along with a diverse enough workforce to go along with it.
  • Harbor East is it’s own little city within Baltimore. A hidden gem that is geared towards a “select” group of people who already have money. With that being said, the money should be spent on real city residents and not on tourists and visitors…those things/people pay for themselves.
  • They need to invest in cleaning up the city to want out of towners to come here..all of the murderes and the robberies are getting out of hand…tear down the abandoned homes and rebuild them for low income families. Improve the school system. Stop focusing on one area and deal with the whole city