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Our Morning Conversation on Friday was based on a facebook blog post where a black man outlined all the ways a woman does not know how to raise a man.

Can a single mom raise a strong black man?

  • Yes, but she has to know how to show the strong side and the loving side because momma don’t want no punk lol but they gotta have morals along with sensitivity and respect and because a lot of women are getting younger having babies and not showing strong morals our brothers are going down the wrong path but us woman who are staying strong and is willing to sacrifice to make sure we teach them right can do it
  • Yes, they can…. I raised two of them…. with some  male mentors from my church family and by praying my way through…. not easy but very doable
  • Yes and do it well. My moms raised 3 boys. The problem is today’s mothers want to be kids friends instead of parents, therefore they blame not having a father in their kids life.
  • It will be hard but it’s possible. The mom just have to have positive men around. There are some great mentor programs.