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Of course we had to get messy on the show:

A sister has been dating a guy for six months and he only wants to date “in.” They never go anywhere and she isn’t sure if this is a good or bad thing.

My Thoughts:

Your Thoughts:

  • For real…someone please send her back to school because she dont know how to do the math…
  • Do they know you want to go out? Is sex involved ? If you stay in and actually do stuff and enjoy the time, then I don’t see too much wrong. But if you WANT to go out or they only come over with the intention to get some booty, then there is a problem.
  • Yes it’s a bad thing your a “WELL KEPT SECRET” & they more then likely have someone else. Move on to someone that won’t keep you as a “WELL KEPT SECRET” and show you off
  • Bad sign. Lmao!!!! U are the side piece. That’s all there is to it