LHHATL Joseline dumped bleach all over Stevie J’s clothes and bed and they are OVER yet again. What is the craziest thing you have ever done after an argument or a break-up? Screwed another woman; Just for the Hell of it Moved out at 2 in the morning with a newborn. #cantdoit lol Threw all her […]

Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Demetria McKinney sat in with me to talk all things sexy. Of course I asked about Roger Bobb and the way RHOA handled her career and her relationship. Check out this clip:

The Morality Police: He has been divorced from his ex-wife for 2 years. Two months ago their son got ill while with him for the weekend and the ex-wife came over to take care of their son and she stayed the night. The next morning she got up like nothing happened and went back home […]

His lady won’t stop asking for details about his affair. They are together and working it out, but she always asks about the other woman. Should he keep answering or take it as a sign that they really are NOT in a good place? He’s never gonna convince her of anything or be able to […]

Love Drama Sundays — A sister wanted to know what to do because her boyfriend’s adult kids can’t stand her? She wants to work it out, but isn’t sure if she should pursue it. Your Thoughts … Regardless of how the kids feel they should be respectful. Its not their place to pick a partner […]

You and your partner are good friends with another couple and you know the wife is cheating on her husband … Do you tell? I would want somebody to tell me! But, I’m a different kind of animal! I can walk away from anything – EXCEPT MY KIDS! But, I couldn’t tell my friend that there […]

Check out my advice over at BET.com for helping couples avoid problems with social media and love. Click here to check out one couple’s story of how Facebook almost destroyed their marriage.  

Messy Scenario: Me and my girlfriend have been together for 3 years now. Sadly to say I feel as though I’m loosing my interest sexually with her. I love everything else about her, but sexually seems as though its lacking. I have been having thoughts of other females really heavy on my head but I’m […]

The Mess: A family member has ended a relationship and the family still deals with the ex. Is this a bad thing or not? Your Thoughts: Forget the ex. They are an ex for a reason. I say it depends. If you already had a relationship with that person and they didn’t do anything “wrong”, […]