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A brother is concerned that his woman who travels often for work may be cheating on him because lately she is rolling lots of sexy undies into her suitcases. Should he be worried?


Your Advice

  • You find “trouble” when you keep looking for it. She is not telling the whole truth – he really needs to think about whether he wants to whole truth or not. I would try to do some things to get her to wear that stuff at home first; if that doesn’t work – then he may need some Teddy P
  • Where there’s smoke there’s a LIAR!!!
  • Surprise her on her next trip!!!
  • Has he been to her job to make sure she isn’t doing other things to make money and really work where she says she does, I’ve met plenty of working women who moonlight with escort agencies
  • Definitely cheating. No doubt about it
  • I had that same problem with one of my exes… I dug through it and found out she was cheating… So he should do his own investigation


My Advice

Brother, don’t jump to conclusions. All women like to feel special under their clothes and if you don’t see any other signs then let her be. I would suggest encouraging her to give you a private fashion show of her sexy finds when she gets back.