What love advice would you give your teen self? Live life unconditionally. Love fearlessly. Your heart will be broken a few times. Love yourself more. She’s the one chic of them all that gets you. She’s here for a reason, treat her right and she’s going to be with you for life. Trust me that […]

It was all about your questions on love, sex and relationships tonight. Here is one of our hot questions of the night: Question: My girlfriend of six weeks little sister constantly flirts with me. I have mentioned it to my girlfriend and she says I am reading too much into it and she is just […]

Tonight was all about winning the Magic Friday Flyaway qualifier and of course free Power Ball tickets. I decided to keep the fun rolling along by asking you for your most WINNING advice when it comes to love. Check out some great listener tips below: Give it 100% or don’t awake the soul Be honest […]

Had someone tell me that she realized she should stop listening to her mom’s love advice because her mom never married or kept one boyfriend very long. Do you take love advice from your parents? We have discussions. but i guess i never looked at it as advice because it didn’t start as a “mom/dad […]

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Can a relationship work when you have different religions? Check out my advice below:  

Messy Scenario: Me and my girlfriend have been together for 3 years now. Sadly to say I feel as though I’m loosing my interest sexually with her. I love everything else about her, but sexually seems as though its lacking. I have been having thoughts of other females really heavy on my head but I’m […]

Check out my recent appearance on the Bill Cunningham Show. I have so much fun advising all these crazy lovers on the show!

A brother is concerned that his woman who travels often for work may be cheating on him because lately she is rolling lots of sexy undies into her suitcases. Should he be worried?   Your Advice You find “trouble” when you keep looking for it. She is not telling the whole truth – he really […]