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Had someone tell me that she realized she should stop listening to her mom’s love advice because her mom never married or kept one boyfriend very long.

Do you take love advice from your parents?

  • We have discussions. but i guess i never looked at it as advice because it didn’t start as a “mom/dad how should i handle” or “son you should do this/that with her”
  • I don’t because I was married a good 10 years before my mother even got married so she couldn’t advise me on marriage when she had no experience in it at the time
  • My parents advice has been great! I learned from their words and actions.
  • I DO NOT! Advice should be given by individuals who have had enough life experiences to render unbiased/neutral advice. IMO no advice from a parent is unbiased. My mom is 67 and married out of college and was a widow in her late thirties. Nothing she has experienced come close to the dating woes of this era.
  • I listened, took notes, and lived for myself. Sometimes we have to walk in our own way.
  • My dads words resonate with me often about men and their intentions.