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What love advice would you give your teen self?

  • Live life unconditionally. Love fearlessly. Your heart will be broken a few times. Love yourself more.
  • She’s the one chic of them all that gets you. She’s here for a reason, treat her right and she’s going to be with you for life. Trust me that you will always be friends but if you don’t want to lose her, make her your number one.
  • When it feels wrong it usually is
  • Love yourself more, invest in your talents
  • In two years you’ll meet a male wrecking ball. Run from him.
  • Young love is only temporary
  • Keep your legs closed!!!! TIGHT
  • Its fun now, but later my reputation will stop me from finding love
  • Always listen to your parents and save your money.
  • You won’t remember anyone you dated in high school. Just focus on your work.
  • Look for other people to talk to just because your mother not there for you like she is suppose to don’t have kids just so you can have someone to love you back