The Buzz: Biden is set to make An Announcement on Gun Violence During A Speech Today It is impossible to not pay attention to the rise in gun violence happening across this country and to not feel like something has to be done about it.  The current administration feels the same way. So White House […]

The Buzz: If you were able to catch the iconic verzuz showdown between 90’s super r&b groups Xscape and SWV you might’ve noticed that Coko was visibly bothered. Well she explained why on her Instagram. She said “as I’m preparing for Verzuz, a lady was shot outside my hotel window. To see & hear the […]

I love any project that reinforces for young black girls that their beauty is to be celebrated. A teacher created a fantastic video for young women that celebrates all the wonderful ways we are beautiful. ENJOY!

Should you offer birth control to your teen if they haven’t talked about having sex yet? My conversation to my 17 year old daughter. “The only goal that boy has is to pull his thing out and put it in you.” Your job is to make him unsuccessful. No babies until Marriage. Yes they are […]

What love advice would you give your teen self? Live life unconditionally. Love fearlessly. Your heart will be broken a few times. Love yourself more. She’s the one chic of them all that gets you. She’s here for a reason, treat her right and she’s going to be with you for life. Trust me that […]

Was this outburst pre-meditated or off the cuff? Has this anger been festering in her soul for weeks?

Malia Obama was caught on video dancing with her friends at a festival and the world lost their minds over it today. When we were eighteen we probably did much worse. Tonight you guys shared with me crazy things that you did as a teen that your parents still don’t know anything about: Got drunk […]

it was Open Question Night tonight and this question stood out: Q. My 16 yr old daughter revealed to us that she is a lesbian. We were not surprised and we simply want her to be happy. Our only point of stress is that she still wants to have sleepovers with her girl friends and […]

A 17-year-old was blessed by Pope Francis in a touching moment at St. Patrick’s Cathedral during his big trip to New York Thursday evening. Stephanie…