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Should you offer birth control to your teen if they haven’t talked about having sex yet?

  • My conversation to my 17 year old daughter. “The only goal that boy has is to pull his thing out and put it in you.” Your job is to make him unsuccessful. No babies until Marriage. Yes they are going to do what they do, but I have a problem giving any kind of inkling that Sex is okay without a very serious relationship or marriage. 
  • They may have talked but not to you. YES! An offer doesn’t mean an acceptance a) let’s them know you care about their health and choices and b) if you don’t offer someone else may. It will also open up a conversation for future conversations about sex, love, etc.
  • I didn’t want my daughter 16 to get birth control at first because I wanted her to be aware of safe sex practices, she said she was aware and went and asked for a prescription from her doctor and got it filled on her own. With that said you should explain to them how to be responsible and how dangerous unprotected sex can potentially be.
  • You should create an environment where it can be discussed openly, and you should help and be supportive if they do want it. My daughter asked me to go with her when she wanted it, which I did. But i wouldn’t be comfortable with trying to make her do it. She is 25 with no kids so far.
  • Yes. Just because they aren’t talking to you about it doesn’t mean they aren’t having it. Also, I’d rather be safe than sorry. You can talk to your teen until you are blue in the face about waiting or abstaining from sex and safe sex, but that doesn’t mean they’ll take heed.
  • I watched for the signs … and pushed my daughter into the doctors at 16… she is now 21…. and we are still kid free… I did not give an option for a pill that she could forget ! #depo shot !!!!! And I talk consistently… just to make sure … a baby is not in the goal at this time .. because the way her paycheck is setup .. SHE CANT AFFORD ONE 

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