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it was Open Question Night tonight and this question stood out:


My 16 yr old daughter revealed to us that she is a lesbian. We were not surprised and we simply want her to be happy. Our only point of stress is that she still wants to have sleepovers with her girl friends and I am uncomfortable with this. Am I too sensitive if I don’t want her having other teen girls sleeping in her room?



No sister you are not sensitive. I think you are being responsible and as a parent setting rules for your home based on what you are comfortable with. If you would not allow her to have a boy spend the night if she were straight, why would you allow a girl to spend the night that may be or could become a lover? No teen takes “no” well, but be confident in your “no” if you know that it is a no sleepovers with potential lovers rule and not a rule that you are just giving her because she is a lesbian. 

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