open question night

It was Open Question Night on the show and this was my favorite question of the show: Q. LaDawn, I want to talk to my teen daughter about love and sex, but I don’t know how much I should I get into it? Do I simply tell her what I want her to do or […]

Open Question Night was crazy on the show this week! Here is my favorite question: Q. I met my lady dressing sexy, but I thought that once we were a couple that she would calm it down a bit. She still dresses like she is looking for someone. When I ask her to tone it […]

It was Open Question night and here is the top question from the show: Q. I am 45 and I have never had an orgasm. I have had plenty of partners and none of them have ever done it for me. Am I hopeless? A. No you are not hopeless. The trick here is that […]

it was Open Question Night tonight and this question stood out: Q. My 16 yr old daughter revealed to us that she is a lesbian. We were not surprised and we simply want her to be happy. Our only point of stress is that she still wants to have sleepovers with her girl friends and […]

It was Open Question Night and a mom asked about whether she should tell the truth about her love, sex and relationship history to her 15 yr old or clean the stories up so that her daughter would do more of what she says than what she actually did.  Here is my answer: It is […]

It was Open Question Night. Check out the listener’s question and my answer below: Q) Should a married woman tell you she’s not happy knowing u love her, but trying to respect her position?  Should a man even be a friend to a woman he once loved? A) A married woman who wants to stay […]

  #MagicOpenQuestion Night …  In your opinion, Is a man worth less to a woman if he has a regular 9-5 as opposed to a man who makes a six figure salary or owns his own business? It depends on the woman. A woman after your money will want you to have LOTS of it, […]