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#MagicOpenQuestion Night … 

In your opinion, Is a man worth less to a woman if he has a regular 9-5 as opposed to a man who makes a six figure salary or owns his own business?

It depends on the woman. A woman after your money will want you to have LOTS of it, but a woman who wants a good man won’t care. The truth that most smart women know is that a man with millions may not be generous, but a guy with far less will share his last. A woman with her head on straight wants her man to be generous no matter how much he has.

When you have grown apart but want to stay together, do you both just accept unhappiness?

Not at all. It is time to put in work. Have a discussion about what would make you happy and put those plans into place. Seek out counseling if needed. Be patient with one another as you try to reconnect. It is never too late if you both still want to be there.

I am 49 and a guy on my job has finally asked me out and he is 29. I have never dated a younger guy and I am scared that he may be too much for me. What do you think?

Sister, first think about the on-the-job dating rules at your company. No dating situation is worth losing your job over. Now as far as the age difference; as long as you both go in with your eyes open and are honest it can work. In these type of situations it is always best to go in for the fun and then just see what happens. Don’t have a lot of expectations and rules. Just enjoy!

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