Sundays are all about Loving Your Spirit! Tonight, I thought I would provide tips for adding a bit more self-discipline to our lives. We all have goals that we want to achieve and if we just stuck to our plan they would be easy to attain. CLICK HERE for some fabulous tips for staying on […]

Sundays are all about a bit of spiritual food to make it through your work week. Tonight I wanted to share tips with you on getting what you want in life. These tips are good for pursuing relationship, career, financial, education and other personal goals. Let’s start winning! CLICK HERE for the full list of […]

What exactly does it take to make love last? There are lots of experts out there, but isn’t more effective to hear from couples that have done it! I found a great article filled with tips from couples that have managed to stay in love for decades. CLICK HERE for the full list of tips […]

Sundays are for Loving Your Spirit. Tonight, I shared tips for taking better care of our friendships. CLICK HERE for the full list of tips.

Sunday nights the show flips and is all about Loving Your Spirit. Tonight, I thought to provide tips on taking more responsibility for your life. Check out these great tips for being accountable. CLICK HERE

Tonight was open question night on the show. Thanks to all of you that checked in with your questions. Here is one of my favorite questions of the night: Q. LaDawn I have been dating this guy for 6 weeks and things are good. I am worried. He has not mentioned Valentine’s Day at all […]

Sometimes it is hard to tell if someone is a potential mate or just a good time. I found a fabulous article that breaks down if he is the guy to simply date or the guy that you should marry. While the article is written for women, the insights can be flipped for men as […]

There are a lot of people dealing with the hard decision to leave an abusive relationship. CLICK HERE for great tips on leaving a domestic violence situation. For more tips an assistance contact TurnAround Inc at 443-279-0379 or