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Tonight was open question night on the show. Thanks to all of you that checked in with your questions. Here is one of my favorite questions of the night:

Q. LaDawn I have been dating this guy for 6 weeks and things are good. I am worried. He has not mentioned Valentine’s Day at all and it is tomorrow. Nothing about a gift or plans. I feel silly because he is a very generous and kind man, but this still bothers me. Am I being silly?

A. Sister, you are not being silly because if it bothers you – no matter how “silly” – it should be addressed. I will caution you to be careful about how you bring this up and how much importance you place on it. If things are going well and this is his one misstep then I would not make a HUGE deal of it. If VDay comes and goes without any acknowledgement then I would simply mention that I was surprised that we didn’t do anything and then wait for his response. It is all about making your concerns known without completely blowing up a good thing. He could have many reasonable reasons like not being a holiday person, not having time or money for the holiday or even feeling that the relationship is too new to focus on VDay. Ask your question, but way all of his actions before making this a big issue for the two of you.