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It was Open Question Night on the show and this was my favorite question of the show:

Q. LaDawn, I want to talk to my teen daughter about love and sex, but I don’t know how much I should I get into it? Do I simply tell her what I want her to do or should I share my love experience? Is there ever too much to share?

A. I love this question and the real answer is to sort of do both. You are a parent so you should set boundaries, rules and expectations around your child’s intimate relationships. Be firm and clear about what you expect from her. However, also be real with her on the ways to protect her heart and health if she chooses to go her own way. As far as sharing, this in my opinion is the best tool for getting teens to adhere to your rules in their intimate lives. Don’t preach or demand … use your love and sex experiences good and bad to demonstrate what they should and should not do. Tell them when love was great and when it was awful … be honest. Trust, they learn more from your stories than they could ever learn from rules, preaching and nagging.

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