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Open Question Night was crazy on the show this week! Here is my favorite question:

Q. I met my lady dressing sexy, but I thought that once we were a couple that she would calm it down a bit. She still dresses like she is looking for someone. When I ask her to tone it down I get chewed out for wanting to control her or make her unattractive. Am I being crazy for wanting her to get rid of the revealing thot clothes?

A. Easy answer … YES! You can’t expect to take away from a person the very things that drew you to them. You are with her because of her sexiness and now that you feel threatened she can no longer be sexy?? That is not how it goes. Allow her to be herself and you need to gain more confidence in your relationship. There are events wrapped around family, work and religion where it makes sense for her to tone it down a bit, but for a night out you better let your woman shine for you. Placing her in a box or making this a constant issue will only lead to her not wanting you around.

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