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It was Open Question night and here is the top question from the show:


I am 45 and I have never had an orgasm. I have had plenty of partners and none of them have ever done it for me. Am I hopeless?


No you are not hopeless. The trick here is that your orgasm isn’t about your lovers. I know it sounds crazy, but often the lack of an orgasm has little to do with the skills of your lover and has the most to do with your own skills. We as women sometimes assume that anything a man does will get us there and that is not true. Most women do not achieve orgasms through intercourse alone and of ten our partners have to be taught the best ways to get us there.

You want an orgasm … give it to yourself first so that you can teach your lovers how to do it. Solo play is the key to being orgasmic. Use orgasm enhancing creams and toys to learn your own body then tell lovers how to touch you more effectively. You can’t just assume that whatever he gives you will do the trick.

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