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Biden is set to make An Announcement on Gun Violence During A Speech Today

It is impossible to not pay attention to the rise in gun violence happening across this country and to not feel like something has to be done about it.  The current administration feels the same way. So White House officials said Today President Biden will announce a five-point proposal that includes:

  • cracking down on gun sellers who violate federal laws, with a new zero-tolerance policy;
  • giving additional support to local law enforcement to help with summer crime increases;
  • investing in community violence intervention programs;
  • expanding summer employment and services, particularly for teens and young adults;
  • and helping formerly incarcerated individuals successfully reenter their communities.

A senior administration official told reporters that the Treasury Department will also inform states that they can use funds allotted by the American Rescue Plan to aid in reducing gun violence. Monies awarded via the COVID relief law can be used to hire additional police officers and pay out overtime, as well as to assist in funding employment opportunities for youths and at-risk adults.

Source: NPR


One of those good thought bad idea situations. 

So a manager at an IKEA store in Atlanta decided it would be cool to celebrate Juneteenth. He sent an email stating there would be a special menu for customers and employees as a way to “honor the perseverance of Black Americans and acknowledge the progress yet to be made.”

The menu consisted of such items as fried chicken, watermelon, mac and cheese and collard greens.

Well people got upset and called it racially insensitive and ignorant, even 30 plus employees called out and some were ready to quit. Causing the manager to apologize for the menu if it came off as subjective. It was created with the best of intentions by a few of our coworkers who believed they were representing their culture and tradition with these foods of celebration.”

That backfired….

Source: CBS


Employee lawsuit Over Mandated Vaccination Gets Dismissed

A  Houston hospital system’s decision back in April to require the vaccine for workers made it the first major U.S. health care system to do so. Which lead to a lawsuit from about 117 employees, which lead to a judge dismissing the case, which lead to over 150 employees either being terminated or resigning.

The Houston Methodist employees who filed the lawsuit likened their situation to medical experiments performed on unwilling victims in Nazi concentration camps during World War II. U.S. District Judge Lynn Hughes called that comparison “reprehensible” and said claims made in the lawsuit that the vaccines are experimental and dangerous are false. The Judge, who dismissed the lawsuit on June 12, said that if the employees didn’t like the requirement, they could go work elsewhere.

New social division vaccinated and non-vaccinated.

Source: Yahoo

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