THE BUZZ!   Canada will be the first country to print warning labels on each cigarette: “Poison in every puff” First. Cigarettes in every country come with a warning label notifying of the potential dangers and harm they can cause. Canada is one country who has even banned tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship since 1972. […]

THE BUZZ!   Did This Sportscaster Really Use the N-Word While Referring to the Negro League Baseball Museum? First. This sportscaster had a day to forget after he making a statement he wish he hadn’t. During a Major League Baseball live pregame broadcast between Oakland and Kansas City, this announcer started talking about what he […]

THE BUZZ!     White People Deserve Reparations For Fighting Civil War, GOP Candidate Says First. Reparations has been a big topic recently in this country, but not a new one. Many people have different thoughts for or against it when it comes to giving African Americans money for this countries past atrocities with slavery. But […]

THE BUZZ!   Former Baltimore City Assistant State’s Attorney sentenced to 2 years in prison First. A story we’ve heard before here in this city. A former Baltimore official finds themselves behind bars. According to the prosecution, Adam Chaudry, 43, a former state’s attorney for Baltimore City, used his authority to obtain the phone records […]

THE BUZZ!     Tennessee Air National Guardsman applied to be a hitman online, the FBI says. It was a spoof website and now he’s facing charges First. Most of us have been there before. You have a job but maybe you are looking for some additional income. But how could that get your fired […]

THE BUZZ!   Permit to buy handgun no longer required in North Carolina First up. The country is still reeling from the latest school mass shooting that took the lives of 3 children and 3 adults. The suspect was aid to own like 7 guns legally. She even had emotional disorder. In some states getting […]

THE BUZZ! Man politely robs Utah bank for $1, sits down and waits to be arrested, police say First up. The nicest bank robber in the world or maybe not the smartest. According to police a man walked into a Wells Fargo bank in Utah and handed a teller a note that read, “Please pardon me […]

THE BUZZ!   Full List of 26 Republicans Who Refused To Denounce White Supremacy First up. Hate continues to be a serious issue for this country. Just days ago Democrats tried to get support from Republicans on rejecting White Nationalism and White Supremacy. They did not get it. Democratic members of the House Oversight and Accountability committee […]

THE BUZZ!   4 Americans missing after they were kidnapped in Mexican border city, FBI says First up. In something that you would see paly out in  an action or suspense Movie or Tv show. Four U.S. citizens in a vehicle came under fire and were then kidnapped by armed gunmen wearing bulletproof vests in Mexico. Officials […]

THE BUZZ!   BPD among first law enforcement agencies in the country to introduce equity policy The Baltimore Police Department is making headlines as a pioneer with a new policy. There are among one of the first law agencies in the country to introduce Policy 1745, The new policy known as the Equity Policy reinforces the […]