47-year-old Lisa Fernandez appeared before a judge Wednesday (November 17) and was given a $40,000 bond.

  Travis Scott and Live Nation Sued Over Astroworld 2021 Astroworld a huge music festival that took place in Houston with about 50,000 people in attendance ended in tragedy and was declared a “mass casualty event”. As artist Travis Scott took the stage the large crowd began to surge forward to the stage and people described […]

The Buzz: Biden is set to make An Announcement on Gun Violence During A Speech Today It is impossible to not pay attention to the rise in gun violence happening across this country and to not feel like something has to be done about it.  The current administration feels the same way. So White House […]

An elderly woman in Uptown Houston who was kidnapped, driven to an ATM and forced by gunpoint to withdraw $500 is now speaking out in order to catch her attacker.

Two Black women accused of a racist attack against the Asian owner of a beauty shop in Houston claim they were the ones who were actually targeted and forced to defend themselves.

LaDonna Wiggins reportedly spent much of the $3.6 million loaned to her on two houses in Katy & Cypress, a luxury car, purses and more.

For over three decades, Brad “Scarface” Jordan wowed Hip-Hop fans as a member of the Geto Boys and his own stellar solo musical career, but those days are apparently behind him. Jordan is pushing for a city council seat in his hometown of Houston, and essentially said he’s done with making music. FADER reports: A […]

Trey Ganem's SoulShine Industries created and donated a custom casket for the 4-year-old whose funeral will take place on June 22.

Two brothers have been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after shooting a 20-year-old pregnant woman Thursday, according to KHOU. Kwan Tayes, 21, and Nickolaus Collins, 19, were arrested Monday at a home in Houston. According to reports, the woman was 36 weeks pregnant and standing at a bus stop when someone started […]