Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis says a decision on whether to indict Donald Trump for allegedly interfering in the 2020 Georgia election is "imminent." The post Any Day Now: Georgia DA Fani Willis Could Indict Trump Soon Over ‘The Big Lie’ appeared first on NewsOne.

Collier Gwin, who sprayed a homeless woman with a water hose in San Francisco, was jailed after DA Brooke Jenkins secured an arrest warrant. The post Jailed, San Francisco Man Who Sprayed Homeless Woman With Water Faces Months Behind Bars appeared first on NewsOne.

For Americans, the term femicide rarely enters our lexicon. The post Understanding The Epidemic Of Femicide: What It Is And How To Stop It appeared first on NewsOne.

Two Illinois EMS workers, Peter Cadigan and Peggy Finley, are charged with first-degree murder in the death of 35-year-old Earl L. Moore. The post Illinois EMTs Charged With Murdering Black Man They Strapped Face-Down On Gurney appeared first on NewsOne.

An NYPD police officer was suspended after video showed a 12-year-old Black girl being brutally beaten by an officer outside of a Staten Island middle school. The post Video Shows NYPD Cop Brutally Beating 12-Year-Old Girl’s Head Outside School appeared first on NewsOne.

U.S. Virgin Islands AG Denise George was fired days after she filed a lawsuit against JPMorgan Chase for aiding Jeffrey Epstein. Coincidence? The post U.S. Virgin Islands AG Denise George Fired Days After Accusing JPMorgan Chase Of Aiding Jeffrey Epstein appeared first on NewsOne.

A Georgia man pleaded guilty to a federal hate crime and a firearms violation. The post White Supremacist Pleads Guilty To Federal Hate Crime For Trying To Shoot Black People At A Gas Station appeared first on NewsOne.

Greene died in custody in 2019 after he was brutalized during an arrest at a traffic stop. The post Louisiana State Police Trooper Charged With Murdering Ronald Greene, 4 Other Cops Indicted appeared first on NewsOne.

Colorado Springs police body cam footage reveals cops who brutally beat Dalvin Gadson laughed and joked about it afterward. The post New Video Reveals Colorado Cops Laughed About Brutally Beating Black Veteran After Traffic Stop appeared first on NewsOne.

Dalvin Gadson claims he was racially profiled and the victim of police brutality in Colorado Springs, and he has graphic photos to prove it. The post Graphic Police Brutality Photos Show Cop Smiling After Beating Black Veteran Bloody In Colorado appeared first on NewsOne.