John P. Shadbar of Illinois has been charged with a hate crime after shooting Melissa Robertson, a white mother of Black sons. The post Illinois Man Charged With Hate Crime After Allegedly Shooting White Woman With Black Sons appeared first on NewsOne.

A Georgia appeals court agreed to review the bid to get Fani Willis disqualified from prosecuting Trump's RICO case. The post Georgia Appeals Court Grants Review Of Judge McAfee’s Ruling To Allow Fani Willis To Stay On RICO Case appeared first on NewsOne.

It's interesting that all the things that Black men are stereotyped about--being predatory with white women, lying, cheating and being totally untrustworthy with finances--Trump actually is!  And MAGAs who hate Black men love it.  The post Stormy Daniels Testimony About Trump’s Lewd Behavior Is Exactly As Cringey As You Think appeared first on NewsOne.


Two white men were fined more than $1 million for orchestrating a robocall scheme to keep Black New Yorkers from voting in the 2020 election. The post Right-Wing Conspiracy Theorists Fined $1.25M For Racist Robocalls ‘To Intimidate Black Voters’ appeared first on NewsOne.


Donald Trump, a reported billionaire, cannot neither afford a bond for his $464 million civil fraud judgment nor find a company to pay it, his defense attorneys said in a court filing. The post Trump The ‘Billionaire’ Can’t Afford To Pay Bond For $464M Civil Fraud Judgment, His Lawyers Say appeared first on NewsOne.

Jeronimo Yanez, the ex-Minnesota cop who killed Philando Castile, was denied a teacher's license by an appeals court. The post Ex-Cop Who Killed Philando Castile Is Stopped From Being A Licensed Teacher For Good appeared first on NewsOne.

The "Fatal Attraction" podcast is back with season 2 of this true crime series featuring 20 new episodes about stories of romance that end in tragedy. The post True Crime Is Back: ‘Fatal Attraction’ Podcast Returns For Season 2 appeared first on NewsOne.

Georgia RICO defendant Harrison Floyd asked a judge to ease his bond restrictions so he can work on Donald Trump's 2024 campaign. The post Trump Co-Defendant Harrison Floyd Wants Judge To Ease Bond Restrictions So He Can Campaign For Trump appeared first on NewsOne.

Donald Trump's lawyer is accusing Fani Willis of using the race card. Does the defense attorney even know who his client is? The post Trump’s Lawyer Accuses Fani Willis Of Playing The Race Card appeared first on NewsOne.

Trevian Kutti—one of Donald Trump's initial 19 co-defendants indicted under RICO charges in Georgia—has been dropped by her lawyers. The post Lawyers Dump Trevian Kutti, Lone Black Woman Indicted With Trump In Georgia RICO Case appeared first on NewsOne.