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Messy Scenario:

Me and my girlfriend have been together for 3 years now. Sadly to say I feel as though I’m loosing my interest sexually with her. I love everything else about her, but sexually seems as though its lacking. I have been having thoughts of other females really heavy on my head but I’m not a cheater. What can I do to get interested again?

My Advice:

Sexual interest goes up and down in all couples. The trick is to first go back to doing the things that made it sexy when you guys first got together. Bring that romance and attention to detail back.  Talk about your new fantasies and the things you want to try today. Make her your partner in spicing things up. Make sure you are sexing her outside the bedroom. Being sexy all day long in small ways so that things spice up in the bedroom. It is going to take work.

Don’t be hard on yourself for finding others sexy. That is human and incredibly normal. The key to this is to communicate your desire for things to be hotter in a respectful way and work together as a couple to bring spice and spontaneity back to your sex life. It is possible to get back what you have lost.