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His lady won’t stop asking for details about his affair. They are together and working it out, but she always asks about the other woman.

Should he keep answering or take it as a sign that they really are NOT in a good place?

  • He’s never gonna convince her of anything or be able to answer her questions sufficiently. So get it all out in the open and take whatever may come. Who know’s, she may appreciate the honesty finally, whether she chooses to stay or go.
  • She’s not over it. Sit down talk it out and seek counseling
  • Keep answering you owe it to her. It’s her healing process…
  • Just because she’s asking questions now doesn’t mean she’s not trying to move past it. People cope with things differently at their own pace. If he want his woman he better give her all of the answers she need and they better match. This is sometimes what a person needs to move on.
  • They are not in a good place. It sounds like she is having a rough time. She may need counseling alone and with him. The issue left unresolved will rear it’s ugly head at a later time.
  • You should definitely keep answering her questions. She is asking because she is still hurt and is trying to work it out. Eventually as she heals the questions will stop.