NBA star Carmelo Anthony may have had an outside baby on his wife actress, La La. Could your relationship survive an outside baby?  The block is hot over this one! That’s a hard mistrust wall to tear down. I couldn’t do it but would not judge someone who would. I would be too insecure and […]

If you had a long-term illness that stopped your ability to be sexual with your partner, would you ever “okay” them to have a sexual relationship with someone else as long as they remained your partner? In theory yes, in reality hell to the no! There’s other ways of intimacy of course, but to deny […]

Morality Police: He was locked up for five years and was released a month ago. Does she need to tell him that she was sleeping with other men when he was locked up? The relationships are over, but she feels guilty. No. If they weren’t married then she has no 5 year commitment to him. […]

His lady won’t stop asking for details about his affair. They are together and working it out, but she always asks about the other woman. Should he keep answering or take it as a sign that they really are NOT in a good place? He’s never gonna convince her of anything or be able to […]

Lawd! Fantasia’s love life is an adventure! Her baby by her married lover is now being raised by his wife. This scenario is too CRAZY! Check the story out here.