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If you had a long-term illness that stopped your ability to be sexual with your partner, would you ever “okay” them to have a sexual relationship with someone else as long as they remained your partner?

  • In theory yes, in reality hell to the no!
  • There’s other ways of intimacy of course, but to deny someone that level seems selfish.
  • Yup. #SexSurrogate
  • He will probably do it anyway..but I would discuss other options.
  • In those times love isn’t about sex. I would tell him to do what he had to, I don’t think I would want to know about it
  • No, I wouldn’t suggest it, nor would I do it. Love is more than sex. If my spouse is terminal ill, I’m not going out to find a new man. I’d get a dildo first.
  • Nope. I’m married…none of that!

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