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Morality Police: He was locked up for five years and was released a month ago. Does she need to tell him that she was sleeping with other men when he was locked up? The relationships are over, but she feels guilty.

  • No. If they weren’t married then she has no 5 year commitment to him. It would be the same vice versa but I would hope he assumed that her life couldn’t stop due to his incarceration.
  • Absolutely not. If he doesn’t ask then don’t tell.
  • Nope. Because he SURE wouldn’t tell her who he was sleeping with in jail!! LOL!!
  • Like that comedian said. The judge broke us up when he gave you that 5 years. Lol. Don’t make her suffer.
  • Deception is deception, if you can’t keep it 100% with no worries, never expect that from anyone else.
  • I don’t understand the guilt. A woman shouldn’t have to suffer from sex deprivation because her man did something stupid. Couldn’t be me!! I wouldn’t feel guilt.
  • Y’all avoiding the main point tho, the woman feels guilty, and trust me that guilt will eat her alive if she doesn’t address it.
  • 5 years girl keep that to yourself, don’t think you were the only one on that visiting list.