Morality Police: Would you tell your lover if a friend of his /hers propositioned you? Yes! Absolutely! And why would I tell? WELL WHY NOT?!???! That friend would be banned from our home and life, FOREVER! How disrespectful Nope! I would put him in his place. I would only tell if he touched me. Sure […]

Morality Police: She dated him for three very violent and turbulent years. Finally she got away and has moved on. Recently on Facebook she noticed that a mutual friend of theirs is now dating the crazy ex. Should she let the new lady know how truly bad their relationship was to possibly protect the new […]

Morality Police: Her husband’s first wife has been EVIL to her over the last three years: property damage, calling her names, constantly requesting more money, restricting the kids all because he remarried and moved on. Recently, a settlement check from an old court case came to the house addressed to the Ex and new wife […]

‪#‎MagicHeSaidSheSaid‬ — Caitlyn (Bruce) Jenner broke the internet today with her Vanity Fair pics revealing her new life as a woman. Does a new potential lover have to tell you that they were once the opposite sex? Yes I think so because it coming out later in can be very hurtful… I think it’s best […]

Morality Police: He was locked up for five years and was released a month ago. Does she need to tell him that she was sleeping with other men when he was locked up? The relationships are over, but she feels guilty. No. If they weren’t married then she has no 5 year commitment to him. […]

Morality Police: Your mom passes away leaving your Dad a widower after more than 30 happy years of marriage. At the funeral a family friend approaches you and tells you that he and your mom had a long-term affair. Would you tell your dad? No, Leave well enough to alone… He can’t confirm it with […]

You and your partner are good friends with another couple and you know the wife is cheating on her husband … Do you tell? I would want somebody to tell me! But, I’m a different kind of animal! I can walk away from anything – EXCEPT MY KIDS! But, I couldn’t tell my friend that there […]

“Saving Sanders: The Pilar Sanders Untold Story.” It’s a new tell-all book that describes Pilar Sander life’s account from the perspective of her longtime friend and publicist, Kali Bowyer. It tells of her marriage with Deion Sanders and abuse that lead to the nasty divorce. Here’s a few excerpts: “I’ll never forget the night my phone rang at […]