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Morality Police: Your mom passes away leaving your Dad a widower after more than 30 happy years of marriage. At the funeral a family friend approaches you and tells you that he and your mom had a long-term affair. Would you tell your dad?

  • No, Leave well enough to alone… He can’t confirm it with her… She’s dead….can’t rely on people telling the absolute truth….might have been a fantasy
  • I’d get a blood test then maybe tell him…
  • They’d be peeling him up off the ground 
  • It wouldn’t be good timing. I have to say no & besides what would it prove now that she(moms) is gone
  • Yup. After I finish helping the other cat pick his teeth up off of the carpet.
  • No, maybe that’s why dad poisoned her
  • No, I wouldn’t want to taint his memory of her. Plus I wouldn’t want him going to jail.

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