morality police

Morality Police: can your local cop be a former porn star? Miami folks are in a tizzy to discover that a veteran cop used to do porn. She hasn’t done any while on the job, but some feel she should still step down. Your thoughts? I think it’s RIDICULOUS. However, this should be a good […]

Morality Police: She dated him for three very violent and turbulent years. Finally she got away and has moved on. Recently on Facebook she noticed that a mutual friend of theirs is now dating the crazy ex. Should she let the new lady know how truly bad their relationship was to possibly protect the new […]

Morality Police: Her stepdaughter has never really liked her, but came to her on college break to ask for help with ending a pregnancy. Stepdaughter doesn’t want dad to know. Should the wife tell? She thinks this may be a turn for a better relationship with her stepdaughter. Thoughts? Take her & take that secret […]

The Morality Police: He has been divorced from his ex-wife for 2 years. Two months ago their son got ill while with him for the weekend and the ex-wife came over to take care of their son and she stayed the night. The next morning she got up like nothing happened and went back home […]

We played a fun round of Morality Police on Tuesday’s — The LaDawn Black Show Should a wife be able to sue the mistress for her marriage ending? There should be legal penalties for both parties If you are given the opportunity to get away from a person who is mistreating you and go have […]

Morality Police: Her husband’s first wife has been EVIL to her over the last three years: property damage, calling her names, constantly requesting more money, restricting the kids all because he remarried and moved on. Recently, a settlement check from an old court case came to the house addressed to the Ex and new wife […]

Morality Police: Would you pull a criminal / credit check on a new lover? A quick search on the Md judicial case search website is enough. And it’s free. Criminal on everyone I date, I have children and I can’t be wasting time. Why wait to you get serious and then check? Then, that individual […]

Morality Police: Viagra has been cut from the Baltimore City budget. Should the government be paying for Viagra? No! They should not pay!! The government just started paying for Lung Cancer Screenings .. After years of denying claims …Cancer screening is more important then MR. WINKIE GETTING UP ON THE BLUE PILL!! Maybe they just […]

Morality Police: Your mom passes away leaving your Dad a widower after more than 30 happy years of marriage. At the funeral a family friend approaches you and tells you that he and your mom had a long-term affair. Would you tell your dad? No, Leave well enough to alone… He can’t confirm it with […]

Morality Police: Your 16 year old has their first real gf/ bf. You get the sense that they are very serious, but you aren’t getting any details from your child. Cleaning your child’s room you come across their journal/ diary — Do you read it? You only get privacy when you pay some bills until […]