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Morality Police: Your 16 year old has their first real gf/ bf. You get the sense that they are very serious, but you aren’t getting any details from your child. Cleaning your child’s room you come across their journal/ diary — Do you read it?

  • You only get privacy when you pay some bills until then I am reading anything in my house. A’int nobody trying to be no grandpa at 39.
  • Nope some privacy is entitled…if u sense they’re serious then they are!!!…
  • Nope , I’ve learned my lesson when it comes to touching or reading somebody else’s diary. I read one of my kids diary some yrs back when they were 17 and was devastated. It stills bother me to this very day and I wish I never would have open that diary
  • My mother never read my diaries or journals. If she did back then she probably would think I was nuts. I think I was nuts. Children need safe havens to express their feelings without being judged. It led to to a career in journalism.
  • Probably peek, but not read the whole thing. I would use finding it as a conversation starter.
  • Yep. 16 you don’t have any secrets. Our children are being sucked into all kind of insanity and freakishness. We need to spy like a detective agency to know how to proceed.
  • Yes! Absolutely! Without a doubt!
  • My children are still young but my mother sure read the hell out of mine. Only thing I lost trust in her, I started going to my aunts about things I should’ve gone to my mother about
  • Yes. If they are being closed and not sharing information, as a parent its your responsibility to find out what’s going on in your CHILD/REN life. Teenagers are not adults there is no gray area with this. I believe in giving privacy within limits when it comes to children.


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