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The Morality Police: He has been divorced from his ex-wife for 2 years. Two months ago their son got ill while with him for the weekend and the ex-wife came over to take care of their son and she stayed the night. The next morning she got up like nothing happened and went back home to her new husband.

She has not said anything about what happened and seems to be moving on with her new life as usual. He is so confused because he took the sex as potential for them to possibly get back together or at least that she was unhappy in her new situation.

Should he talk to her about it or just let the sex go?

  • Really, just let it go. Take it as a “Brief” moment of passion/sex and keep it moving! Better yet, they should have never slept in the same room if she’s remarried!
  • In my Usher singing voice “Let it burn…Let it burn…Let it burn”
  • Wow that’s a switch he in his feelings.
  • Why would he want a woman who clearly cant be faithful to her husband? He should.consider himself fortunate and move on.
  • He should be glad he got it & be chill about the situation to better his chances of hitting it again lol.
  • He should forget the sex, sounds like she already has. Ijs… And what makes him think he should even consider reconciliation after she just slept with him that easy and went back home to her husband with no problem??? Usually that’s what they say about men, once they get up and wash off, it never happened as far as they’re concerned. Sounds like she has that same thought process….