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Morality Police: Would you pull a criminal / credit check on a new lover?

  • A quick search on the Md judicial case search website is enough. And it’s free.
  • Criminal on everyone I date, I have children and I can’t be wasting time. Why wait to you get serious and then check? Then, that individual already know where you live and enough info on your children.
  • No. And I’ve worked with police for over a decade now. I’m no kid, and I know more than most the depraved heart. Yet I’m still an optimist
  • The computer is killing love. I pass and will stay old school. People always gonna have flaws and issues so it’s nothing new.
  • Paternity cases show up on judicial case search. I’ve caught a guy lying about having kids.
  • So after ya’ll check and know a answer before asking; he’s already behind the 8 ball because you know things he didn’t tell you. That’s the problem I have with the whole thinking process. Man up or woman up and ask these things and give a person a chance to openly communicate instead of backdooring people.
  • I always do a search in the criminal records. I am not going to necessarily cut someone off because they have a record. Certain charges though get an immediate deleted & blocked number