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Morality Police: Her husband’s first wife has been EVIL to her over the last three years: property damage, calling her names, constantly requesting more money, restricting the kids all because he remarried and moved on. Recently, a settlement check from an old court case came to the house addressed to the Ex and new wife threw it away. Was she wrong?

  • Dead wrong & she would’ve caught hands! Who knows what that $ was going toward. Out of her lane!
  • It can always be reissued. No harm. Lol
  • She was being petty. She could’ve at least returned to sender.
  • She was wrong but I probably would have done the same thing or something similar
  • Absolutely. One golden rule is never mess with anyone’s money. That is not how to get back at someone. She lacks just as maturity as the first wife. Not to mention half of that money belongs to her husband! She threw away money that could go back into her household.
  • In my mind no she wasn’t wrong but being the kind of person I am because I know God would bless me I would have gave it to her God will handle her in his own way
  • Should have cashed it

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