THE BUZZ! Guy Fieri refuses to leave sons any money unless they get ‘two degrees:’ They will have to ‘take it from me’ Next, Speaking of kids. This celebrity chef said his kids are not getting any of his money unless they follow his conditions. The culinary king Guy Fieri has been known to serve up some […]

THE BUZZ! $2 bill could be worth thousands depending on age and condition Next, If you’ve been praying for a flip. This might one of the easiest ever. You could possibly turn $2 into $5,000. That’s because some $2 bills are now estimated to be valued up to yes $5,000, depending on its age, condition, and […]

THE BUZZ! Elon Musk Says He’ll Give Wikipedia $1 Billion if They Change Their Name to D*ckipedia Next, Speaking of name changes. Elon Musk is willing to pay big money for this name change, on one condition. The richest man in the world took to social media to announce he is willing to donate $1 billion dollars […]

THE BUZZ! ‘The Black Farmer Fund’ Raises $11M To Change The Face Of Agriculture Next, BFF we know stands for best friends forever. It also stands for The Black Farmer Fund (BFF), a community-led investment fund for Black-owned agricultural and food businesses in the Northeast. The fund provides grants and operational support to Black-owned food […]

THE BUZZ! GM’s Cruise slashed fleet of robotaxis by 50% in San Francisco after collisions Next, The driverless technology revolution has hit a speed bump. California authorities ordered General Motors to take some of its Cruise robotaxis off the road after two recent collisions, including one with an active fire truck. The company also confirmed  […]

THE BUZZ! $7,000 a day for five catchphrases: the TikTokers pretending to be ‘non-playable characters’ First, Human imagination and social media are always generating new trends. Some of these can provide innovative and lucrative revenue streams. For example, as a real person playing a video game character impersonating a human being, you can earn a […]

THE BUZZ!     White People Deserve Reparations For Fighting Civil War, GOP Candidate Says First. Reparations has been a big topic recently in this country, but not a new one. Many people have different thoughts for or against it when it comes to giving African Americans money for this countries past atrocities with slavery. But […]

THE BUZZ! Atlanta to pay $1M to Rayshard Brooks’ family after deadly police shooting Let’s take this one back to 2022 in Atlanta and the story of Rayshard Brooks, who was sleeping in a Wendy’s drive thru. The result was Rayshard Brooks being fatally shot by a police officer. Back in June 2020 prosecutors determined that […]

Another Retirement For Shaq Shaguille O’Neal has retired from basketball for some time now and has announced another retirement recently. This time its from being a celebrity. Yeah, he wants to be known as just a nice guy. He said “These celebrities are going freaking crazy and I don’t want to be one. I denounce my […]

The Buzz: Jazmine Sullivan calls out Macy’s employee for alleged racism on Juneteenth   Ok so R&B singer Jazmine Sullivan had a bad experience at a major retail chain and was upset enough to mention on social media and even mention the employees name.   She posted on her Instagram story …“Wow to look racism […]