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Atlanta to pay $1M to Rayshard Brooks’ family after deadly police shooting

Let’s take this one back to 2022 in Atlanta and the story of Rayshard Brooks, who was sleeping in a Wendy’s drive thru.
The result was Rayshard Brooks being fatally shot by a police officer.
Back in June 2020 prosecutors determined that the officers involved in Brooks’ death  had “committed no crimes” and that the use of deadly force was “reasonable.”

In light of that decision Atlanta’s City Council voted unanimously 15-0 to approve the $1 million settlement for the family of Rayshard Brooks.
According NBC affiliate WXIA, attorneys for the Brooks family said in a statement, “This grieving family has been through so much during this process. Although the children of Mr. Brooks have lost their father, settling the case will undoubtedly assist them with future plans as they come of age.”
Not sure if that is enough money and enough help. These kids I’m sure will deal with trauma from this incident.
Lets just stop killing people. how about that.
Source: NBC


The State Cut $2 million from This HBCU’s funding Because The school Is Too popular

Talking about money.
How about losing money for being successful.
The state of North Carolina has decided that they will cut nearly $2 million in funding to HBCU North Carolina A&T because it is gaining popularity and attracting students from all over.
Something that you would believe shouldn’t be a problem, is for the state.
There is a rule in place to ensure that in-state students aren’t shut out of a competitive admissions process.  And limits the percentage of out-of-state students in each class.
A rule that was really intended for larger schools in the state such as UNC Chapel Hill, which has nearly 25,000 students.
NC A&T has just over 13,000 students.
And the current enrollment for the incoming freshman class went over its limit for out of state students by 171.
But not all board members were in favor of this happening.  During a meeting one member said “I cannot support this particular item punishing a HMSI (Historically Minority-Serving Institution) for ultimately, Mr. Chairman, for being successful.”
“We have out-of-state students who want to attend one of our institutions because of its history and because of their ability to make good and deliver on a promise to provide a high-quality education.”
And I agree. There are good problems and bad problems. That’s a good one.
Source: The Root

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown pardons 45K for marijuana convictions

It looks like the Governor of Oregon agrees. Not only did she pardon 47,144 convictions for possession of one ounce or less of marijuana going back several decades. The Governor’s office announced that it will also forgive $14 million in fines.
The Governor said in a statement, “No one deserves to be forever saddled with the impacts of a conviction for simple possession of marijuana. A crime that is no longer on the books in Oregon.”
She added, “Oregonians should never face housing insecurity, employment barriers, and educational obstacles as a result of doing something that is now completely legal. And has been for years.” My pardon will remove these hardships.”
Officials with the American Civil Liberties Union were excited about the decision and made it known that is the first governor take this action on pardoning.
We’ll see if other states start to follow suit.
Source: Yahoo